Vegetalista Museum Exhibit

The Vegetalista Exhibit is a museum exhibition designed to help young teens learn about Plant Biology and its complexities, including microscopic structures, fliogenetic families, and relationship between the trees and its environment

Vegetalista Museum Exhibit
Museum Exhibit to teach young teens about plant biology
Vegetalista is a Museum Room located in the Museum of Science and Technology of Quinta Normal in Santiago de Chile, which was created by a team of scientists and designers lead by Dr Rodrigo Gutierrez, investigator of the Faculty of Biological Sciences of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

I worked as the graphic designer of this project, and my responsibilities were to create all informative graphical pieces on this exhibition, including posters and student guides, which I had to undertake from the concept and content stage to the production stage.
As one of the members of the main design team, I had to participate in Design meetings in the conceptual stage of the project, which gave me the opportunity to influence the final shape of the product in a way that way surpassed what i thought the responsibilities of a designer my age would be, which was a great learning chance.
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