Character Design Portfolio

This is my current character design portfolio

Micho, Character for a work safety video produced for a local mining company. Designed and Built for Flash Animation.
Character Designs I did while taking the Stephen Silver's Character Design 2 course
Now a character made in the style of PowerPuff Girls
A Trio of Waitresses, trying to focus on the variation of shapes
Rotations and Flash Builds (designs by done for all characteres in the short film OVERBOARD
A Caricature of Hugh Laurie as Dr House
Character Designs and art for educational comic book DENDROS (
I did all the designs and worked in pencils and inks for several chapters. later chapters were inked/coloured and some drawn by other artists. 
also did some sprites for web video games related to the project
Character Designs for my VFS Classical Animation Program Student Film , 
A Lost Treasure
Some Random Illustratrions, Personal Work and Sketches
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