Social Video Game designed to help young teens learn about Human Biology

Educational Social Game about Human Biology
Biosis is an (ongoing) project created by Dr Rodrigo Gutierrez and Dr Tomás Perez-Acle, from the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the Pontifical Catholic University.
Me, among other young designers, programmers and researchers, were invited to participate in the government funded project aiming to create a free social videogame that helps young teens learn about human biology.

These images have text in Spanish because they were designed for the original website

Another great opportunity that presented itself while working in the project, was to write an article about our team's views on the process of Game-Based learning on the university's school of design magazine "DISEÑA". That article ("Game-Based Learning: an innovative model for the success of TIC's") was written by the design team director, Francisco David Infante and by myself, and was a huge opportunity for the team to communicate our views and further expand our understanding of the subject
The following images are some of the Graphical User Interface panels we had to design. Of course not al of the artwork is mine, as this was a highly collaborative project, but the panels were conceptualized by myself, as a way to make the inner game's system more approachable for students
This set of screenshots show how the players input could lead to sevearl different results
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